7 Things You Should Never Do While Traveling

The best way to spend your precious days of vacation is, of course, traveling! Nothing makes your holidays more special than a trip with your friends, your soulmate or even just yourself! You can just pack your bags and take off on your own or engage a professional travel company like Banbanjara.com, which does all the planning for you, leaving you stress-free and with a lot of time to luxuriate in the beauty of your travel destination. 

While preparing for your journey, make sure to plan properly and thoroughly in order to avoid any mishaps and to make the most of your holiday tour! Plan out even the details in advance and be prepared for all kinds of hiccups, maybe due to a sudden change in the weather, flight cancellations, government policies and what not! 

However, while there are some circumstances that are unpredictable and cannot be prepared for, there are others that you can do something about in advance! So, here is a quick list of 7 things you should never do while traveling!:

  1. Overstuffing your trip itinerary

While planning a trip to some faraway place – whether it be abroad or in the same country – people tend to try and fill their days to the brim with activities and sightseeing plans. This takes away from the opportunity to explore the local culture thoroughly and follow on the locals’ tip or even just go where your feet take you! The idea of a vacation tour is to relax and be at peace – something that is not possible when you’re running from pillar to post, juggling your time between a host of planned activities. Keep your schedule light and relaxing instead of stressful and overstuffed!

2. Overpacking

The more you have, the more you have to carry. While the urge to pack for all kinds of events and possibilities is understandably high, it is extremely unwise to actually give in to that urge. Imagine yourself hauling a bulging suitcase or carrying a rock-heavy bag across the airport terminal or heaving it into your taxi! Sounds unpleasant, right? You will probably end up coughing up a lot of money for excess baggage while checking-in your luggage as well! It is best to avoid situations like these and just travel light!

3. Not getting a local SIM card to avoid extreme charges

If you are traveling abroad, check and double-check your device’s data plan or you’ll end up paying a steep price to your network provider. If you haven’t figured out an international data plan, make sure to only use the wifi wherever available. Especially on your flight, remember to switch your data off and just use the wifi instead! You can also just purchase a local SIM card once you reach your destination. Remember to inform any anxious friends or relatives beforehand so that you don’t cause them worry!

4. Not keeping some local currency on you at all times

Cash. No matter what the government says, cash is your lifeline in a foreign country. Besides the local markets and the small shops, taxis and, often, the public transport becomes inaccessible if you don’t have cash. To avoid any such problems, use the currency exchanges at the airport itself, as it often offers great rates and gives you liquidity. Withdraw enough and then some at the airport itself to avoid any problems!

5. Not protecting your valuables 

Pickpocketing is a common curse across boundaries. Sometimes it escalates to mugging and snatching as well. Preparing yourself for such situations by taking simple measures like not keeping cash or your phone in your back-pocket or jacket-pocket, slinging your bag across instead of hanging it at the side, and not putting your wallet in the front pocket of your backpack can go a long way in making your trip safe and enjoyable! Anti-theft bags are also an option to be considered.

6. Forgetting to book your flights with an adequate time gap

 While booking consecutive flights, people often forget to keep an adequate amount of layover time, resulting in a rush against time as soon as you land, with frantic phone calls to the airline helpline. Some airports even require another security check even if you want to switch flights on the same airport. So, be vigilant while booking your flight tickets and keep a layover time of at least two hours between two consecutive flights in order to prevent any last-minute struggles and missing of any flights!

7. Not checking the visa requirements

Not checking the visa requirements of the destination country is a blunder that might possibly bring you a lot of regrets. This becomes of even greater relevance when you’re going country-hopping. Being turned away at a foreign checkpoint will be expensive, time-consuming, and possibly put an end to your trip. There are several websites that list visa requirements for different countries, so find out ahead of time.