Bosses should spy WhatsApp of their employees for better performance!


Business organizations these days are willing to spy on WhatsApp of employees at least in working hours on company’s owned cell phones and tablets. Furthermore, they want to track every single chat, text message, shared document, and last but not the least voice messages. The monitoring of employees’ WhatsApp is crucial to prevent them from gossips, objectionable discussions, harassments and unauthorized transfer of company information. By spying the instant messenger, the employers can boost productivity of employees. Read on to know more about spy software for whatsapp and tools to spy on social and instant messengers.

WhatsApp Instant Messaging App 

WhatsApp is a top-notch instant messaging app letting the user to exchange text messages, multimedia messages, contacts, GPS location and documents. Moreover, it allows the user to make voice and video calls to individuals and groups. The app is popular for its user-friendliness and feature-richness. More than one billion persons across the world use the app for instant messaging. 

The communication app is absolutely free and uses the internet to let the user make use of the messaging app. It is very easy to sign up to WhatsApp. It does not ask for any information except a mobile phone number. The mobile phone is user’s identity and other people can find you on WhatsApp using your phone number. 

Role of WhatsApp Messenger in Businesses

The businesses have been using WhatsApp for internal and external communication. The instant messaging app enables employees to exchange important documents and visuals with higher authorities and co-workers. They can also make conference calls and receive video messages from employers. Moreover, the group discussions through WhatsApp are helpful to collaborate. The feature-richness of the communication app has made WhatsApp messenger the prime choice for business community.    

Boost Employees’ Performance with WhatsApp Monitoring App

The usefulness of WhatsApp messenger for a business is undeniable. However, the unsupervised use of the communication app can put negative influence on the productivity of employees. The unmonitored workforce may use the messaging app for transferring sensitive information to unauthorized persons. They may also waste the working hours on doing unproductive discussions and gossips. 

TheOneSpy monitoring of WhatsApp messenger enables employers to keep a check on internal and external communication of employees. They can prevent their workers from misusing the instant messenger and spending most of their working hours doing unproductive discussions with each other. Read on to know how the spy software for whatsapp works and how it facilitates employers.

Read WhatsApp Chats

The WhatsApp tracker app lets you read chats of your employees. You can make sure that your employees do not misbehave with co-workers or indulge in unproductive discussions. The spy app installed on company-owned android phones lets you read every message of your workers. You can read their incoming and outgoing messages without checking out their phones. The spy app creates a secret online backup of WhatsApp messages by uploading them to the web portal of the tracker app. It enables the employer to supervise every chat without letting the workers know.  

Track Group Chats

All the group discussions made by your employees can be supervised to prevent them from act of malice. The supervision of group chats also enables the employer to keep their workers from humiliating or demotivating any worker publicly or privately. The group conversations of employees can be read direct from the online account of the spy app. 

Access Call Logs

The WhatsApp tracker lets you track inward and outward WhatsApp calls of your employees. You can access WhatsApp call logs right from the online portal of the spyware app. It helps you detect if any worker receives calls from competitive group.

Watch Media Files

The spyware app lets you know what your workers share via WhatsApp messenger. It lets you watch photos and videos exchanged by them to help ensure no sensitive or unwanted information has been transferred to unauthorized person.

Record WhatsApp Screen

The WhatsApp monitoring solution lets you capture almost every action performed on the instant messenger. It allows capturing screen of the targeted cell phone to find out how a suspicious worker uses the communication app. The employer can send command for screen recording via online control panel and can retrieve the recorded video from there.