Coronavirus Outbreak: Tools to Help You Manage Your Business from Home


The Coronavirus outbreak is still rapidly spreading across the world. Therefore, educational institutions have already switched to remote learning setups. It is high time that businesses also make a switch to remote working to prevent this disease from spreading. This is because working at the office is not a safe option anymore.

Social interaction in a closed setting raises health concerns as Coronavirus usually spreads from person to person. So, it is a good idea to manage your business from home to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

 But for many working from home can be quite challenging. However, by choosing the right tech tools you can easily pull it off without compromising on productivity. So, discussed below are few business operations and the required tools to manage these.

Chat/Messaging Channels

Communicating with your team is crucial to managing work operations and projects. There are several chat software for you to choose from like ‘Slack’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’ extra. These allow you to break your primary conversations into different team-related chats. These also have features like voice chat on their Play Store app. So, whether you have to discuss work or business-related ideas with your team, make sure that you have these tools on your device.

Video Conferencing

If you’re not a fan of messaging and feel more comfortable in communicating face to face, then you got to have ‘Google Hangouts,’ ‘EzTalks’ and ‘Zoom’ with you. These can help you to share multiple screens and record chat so you can effectively conduct business meetings.

But to make sure that your video conferencing goes smoothly, you got to have a high-speed and reliable Internet connection. Since I have started managing my business from home, I have switched to Optimum Internet Only because it guarantees blazing fast speeds and makes sure that I enjoy an uninterrupted video-conferencing experience. 


Since you are working from home, you probably won’t be able to access your business’s internal servers. In such a situation, storing your important documents, files, videos, and pictures in a safe place can get quite troubling. But you don’t have to worry; ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Google Drive’ can help you. With these, you can easily upload important files and permit your team members to access these. In this way, there won’t be any delay in the smooth running of business operations.

Project Management

Almost everyone is staying home and working remotely nowadays because of the outbreak. In such times, it can become very difficult for your team members to work while staying with their families. So, you need powerful software like ‘,’ ‘Basecamp’ and ‘Trello’ to make sure that your team stays on track. You can easily assign and manage tasks for each team member with these tools. Not only this, but you can also track task-related updates and your project’s progress with these.

Tracking Productivity

As mentioned earlier, the current outbreak can be very distracting for your team members. So, make sure that you have time and productivity tracking software like ‘Todoist’ and ‘Focus Booster’ under your belt. These can help your team members in keeping track of time, working a specific number of hours and manage breaks. Your team members can end up being more productive with these tools in their own homes rather than in an office environment.

Online Learning

If your startup is a new one and your team members are still learning to manage various business operations, then you need access to a platform like ‘Plutwo.’ At decent subscription rates, this platform allows to attend online sessions and learn important skills and gain subject-related knowledge. Therefore, it is a good idea to inform your team members about this platform so that they can learn and work side by side.

Some Things to Take Care of While Working Remotely

While you may have access to all the necessary facilities to manage business operations, you need to make sure that your team members can access these.

A High-Speed Internet Connection

It would be stupid to assume that all the workers will have a high-speed Internet connection. When I started working from home, I realized that many of my team members didn’t have access to a reliable Internet connection. So, I invested in some of the very attractive Optimum Offers for my team members so that my business operations don’t get delayed anymore.

Work Devices

Your team members must have access to modern devices with webcams and headphones to manage business operations effectively.


Make sure that your team members have a reliable VPN installed on their devices so that your business’s private information doesn’t get leaked. 

By using the latest technologies, you can keep managing your business effectively during this outbreak. Coronavirus might just end up building a new digital work culture that is engaging and compelling in its own right.