Get Your Female Quran Teacher And Learn The Quran To Your Sister & Daughters


We as Muslim believe that the Quran is divine guidance for all human beings. I am living in the U.S since my childhood. I learned the Quran from my parental grand-mother but when I became the mother of a daughter, I came to know about this responsibility. Everyone suggested me start her learning Quran when we celebrated her fifth birthday. In my personal opinion, 5 or 6 years is the best age for children to start learning the Quran because their mind is sharp enough to pick a plethora of information. This age is very sensitive because they act what we feed in their brains. That’s why we should intricate good pieces of information to become a good person. One of my cousins suggested a reliable online Quran academy.

Online Quran learning platform makes me hassle-free from a strict timetable:

It was also convenient for me to continue online learning sessions because I was working in a research laboratory. I contacted them and I was glad that I could find a female the Quran teacher for my daughter. It made me more comfortable because my daughter could feel a flexible and smooth environment for learning Quran with a female teacher. I was satisfied with the first demonstration. Then we had a proper conversation session in which we decided about a suitable time table for online classes. We set 6:00 pm for online classes.

The experienced female tutor knows how to teach impressively:

The dedicated female Quran teacher is the best option to learn Quran to your sisters and daughters. The female Quran tutors are well aware of the rules of Tajweed, Tarteel, and translation. She started from Noorani Qaida because it starts from the basic level. The neophytes could easily capture the basic rules and learn about ortheopy of words. I am very much impressed with her punctuality, even she is on the screen before my daughter comes. The teacher keeps on informing me about my daughter’s progress report. It has been a year and my daughter has completed Noorani Qaida.

The female Quran teachers provide quality education in affordable rates:

This one-to-one learning method is effective because the learner learnsin a comfortable environment.The students get able to recite the Quran with Tajweed.The female Quran tutorsfocus on the correct identification of all words and pronunciation of the Quran. The tutor is experienced enough to use the best communication medium with students and learners. She knows about her responsibilities. The tutor is polite and strict to perform her duties with sincerity.

Online Quran classes are the best platform to get Islamic education:

The online Quran academyhas skilled and knowledgeable female teachers that provide quality education to all Muslim sisters and daughters. There is no restriction on age. From 5 years old girl to 60 years aged woman, everyone could get benefit from this facility. I really recommend this platform to all females who are eager to learn the Quran from their homes.