How Different Types of Pest Affect Your Health


Without a doubt, nobody wants a pest invasion in their home. The reason being, a pest is harmful to people, crops, livestock, and vegetation.

A pest can cause diseases or spread diseases from animals to humans and vice versa.  For those pests which aren’t carriers of diseases, a bite can cause irritable itch or allergic reaction which will make you quite uncomfortable.

Most pests live in animals while others live in inhabitable environments. A good number of pests feed on human or animal blood and so their habitats must be the animals or human or closer to them to facilitate their eating habits.

It’s important to look at some of the most common pests and how they affect your health. 

Body, head and crab lice 

Body lice live in clothes while head lice live in human hair, crab lice live in pubic hair and all the three species feed on human blood.

Lice are brought about by poor hygiene. It bites and causes serious irritation on your skin.  At times you may develop rashes.

Diseases associated with lice include epidemic typhus, French fever, and epidemic relapsing fever.  A single bite may not be a threat but with a massive infestation, there’s a real danger. 

Check out the full story of how to prevent infestation is just simply maintaining good personal hygiene. 


Mosquitoes are common pests found in warm climate and breed well in stagnant waters.

Mosquitoes bite are known to transmit malaria from an infected person to a healthy one.  Malaria is life-threatening to you. For you to prevent mosquito bites sleep under treated nets since the mosquitoes are notorious for attacking at night in darkness.

During the day mosquitoes may hide in long bushes. Here, you can prevent their bites by wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts or blouses or a mosquito catching net to protect your face.


Ticks live in furred animals and are unlikely to bite and stick on your skin which is not their natural habitat. There are several species of ticks and they can cause tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, tic born relapsing fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

It’s possible for you to encounter tick bites if you visit game parks where wild animals are plenty. Since it’s not possible to spray the animals, they drop all over due to massive infestation. 

Wear boots and long-sleeved shirts or blouses and long plants to keep the ticks away. 

Bed bugs

The infestation of bedbugs may occur in any home and hide in your beddings, beds, and couches where they lay in wait to attack when you retire to bed. 

Nocturnal in nature and besides causing an allergic reaction to your skin bed bugs are not known to cause any diseases. 

Once your home is infested you’ve no option but to look for the best method of eradication and ensure there is no infestation.   Prevention isn’t easy as even the cleanest environment can be attacked by bed bugs.

Rats and mice 

These pests can feed on filth and carry out germs into your home. Rats and mice pests can contaminate your food and spread diseases.

To prevent infestation use traps or rat poison and maintain a clean environment.   Keep your compound free of bushes and dispose of trash regularly.         


Fleas attack poultry and furred animals. It’s possible to find them in your poultry and pets and especially dogs and cats.

Fleas in rats and mice cause plague. To prevent infestation shampoo your pets with special shampoos that keep them away.

Clear the bushes around your home to keep away the rats and mice. Consult your vet to advise you on the best method of keeping your animals and poultry free from fleas. 


Cockroaches scavenge on food particles left carelessly on floors and tabletops. They hide under the sink to cool themselves, especially where leakages are left unattended.

Cockroaches’ infestation is associated with filth and may cause you embarrassment if they crawl all over your house. 

They are harmless and cannot bite but can transmit germs from the filth environment and contaminate your food. They even hide in manholes, septic tanks, and even toilet basins. 

Ensure all your food is tightly covered and if your home is infested look for a suitable method of eradication before they breed and multiply. 

Tsetse flies 

Tsetse flies are found in tropical climates. During the day they hide in bushes and attack you when you disturb their peace.

A tsetse fly causes sleeping sickness or trypanosomiasis through bites.  Ensure as you go into the field you’re wearing boots, long-sleeved blouses or shirts to prevent bites. 

Even in parked cars, they can hide so it’s important you thoroughly check before entering to ensure no tsetse fly is hiding there.

Sugar ants

Sugar ants are pests commonly found in many homes and are attracted to sugar or any sugary thing like fruits and fruit products.

Even pastries and cakes or baked products where sugar is one of the ingredients.   The insects are harmless and not known to cause any disease.  They just irritate if they crawl on your body and can enter any part of your body.

Ensure sugary things are tightly covered and to eliminate them choose the best insecticides to kill them.


Living with pests is ugly and dangerous to your health. Make every effort to ensure you and your home are not infested with pests.

When you spot infestation act quickly and arrest the situation before it goes out of hand.  Live healthy by maintaining good hygiene at all times.