How To Grow Your Online Business With Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is always a very trendy topic from the promotion point of view of your online business. It always provides higher results and a boost in SERP rankings and traffic. 

Email marketing can be done easily for any kind of business, whether you sell images, medicines, home essentials, or just a normal blog your business will boost up with the help of an email list. Creating an email list is also not as difficult as we think of it. 

With the advancement in technology, the methods of advertisements and promotions also got modernised. In earlier days we had pamphlets that advertise our products and services, but now we have emails that advertise our brand, creating a sense of awareness among your readers.

Lets say, you published a new blog post on your blog, now after uploading it, you have to tell your readers about it. Then here comes the role of Email Marketing. It will become a mode of communication between you and your readers that will help them guide to your blog.

The exact theory goes with a new product if you have any E-Commerce website and also you can send out emails for sale and for other different purposes. 

Acknowledge this, according to a study, an average millennial spend 3 to 4 hours of his day reading emails. One more thing that is very much shocking I got to know, every single dollar that has been spent in Email marketing will give you profit of almost 40 dollars. Isn’t it awesome.

Now the catch comes, how to establish an email list?

You only need to create quality content or you have to provide only quality content to your readers or to your audience, and apply a “Subscriber” Form. 

Now you have to promote your content at the beginning stage and then you are good to go. 

When the readers come to your blog, they will see your quality content and they will not leave your site before subscribing to it. That’s it. This is how you can collect emails from your blog. And now when you publish new articles you can send an update email to your subscribers they will for surely open it. This way you will get to know about your audience and its type. 

You can also conduct a survey that will help read your subscribers mind, about what they are looking for and you provide content on that topic.

You can also automate the complete process of collecting emails and also daily notification to your subscribers, by using online softwares like Mailchimp, MailerLite, Zoho Campaigns or whichever you prefer you can read more about Email Marketing and Its Benefits.  

They can help you by decreasing your workload, and you can generate more time to focus on your content. Just remember “CONTENT IS THE KING”. So, if you have to generate outstanding leads and if you want more and more visitors on your blog or website then you must focus primarily on your content.

Create engaging content that will provide value to your users. Use quality images and always remember to promote your content. Because without promotion no one helps you by bringing in readers or traffic to your site.

Credits: The Quaterz