Interesting Facts About Hajj

Hajj although is the most popular religious journey in the whole world there are many facts about Hajj that are still unknown. Many people are unaware of the interesting facts about this spiritual pilgrimage. That is why we have jotted down some of the most interesting and unknown facts about Hajj for you.

7 facts about Hajj:

  1. Hajj is an obligation: some people even some Muslims are not aware that Hajj is actually compulsory. It is one of the five pillars of Islam (faith, Salah, Zakat, Fasting, and Hajj). This means that Islam stands on Hajj and other pillars. If we remove even a single pillar we won’t be able to call ourselves true Muslims. Hajj is obligatory because it helps people to reconnect with Allah, get rid of their sins and reconnect to themselves too. Performing Hajj is like being reborn.
  2. Hajj is the world’s largest religious journey and gathering: every year in the 12th month of the Islamic calendar (Zul-Hajj) more than 2 million Muslims with exclusive Hajj packages travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the spiritual and religious journey of Hajj. There is no other gather in this world which has this many visitors. People from all around the globe come together regardless of their caste, creed or skin color to perform Hajj. During Hajj, no one is better or richer than other and all 2 million people are equal.
  3. Kaba’ah is the house of Allah: it is not really the house of Allah but metaphorically. 7 times the tawaf of the Kaba’ah is essential to complete the journey of Hajj. Earlier Kaba’ah had idols inside of it but then Hazrat Muhammad SAWW broke all the idols and now there are only lamps hanging inside it. Another amazing fact about the Kaba’ah is that it is situated in the exact center of the earth. It was built by the first human on earth Hazrat Adam AS.
  4. Hajj is performed in the ancient city of Makkah: Makkah is a city in Saudi Arabia which one of the oldest cities in the world.  Earlier it was just a barren land but it started to get developed after Hazrat Ismail AS and his mother Bibi Hajra RA found the spring of never-ending water the spring of ZamZam. Kaba’ah is also situated in Makkah and Muslims visit it for best Hajj from Pakistan and other countries of the world.
  5. The dress code for Hajj: to perform Hajj you have entered the state of Ihram which is also the dress code of Hajj. Ihram is worn by men and women wear any simple clothes which cover them from head to toe except their face. This dress code means 2 things. 1 that all men are equal in the eyes of Allah and 2 that everyone performing Hajj has entered in a state of purity.
  6. The never drying well of ZamZam: ZamZam is the magic well which never dries. It is the purest water in the world that never gets algae of insects in it. The well of ZamZam is situated on the east side of Kaba’ah and it is a miraculous gift of Allah to all the Muslims. The well came out of the land when Hazrat Ismail AS was dying of thirst and his mother was pleading to Allah to save her son.
  7. The sacrificial of animals: Hajj is completed when you sacrifice an animal according to the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim AS and his son Hazrat Ismail AS. The people who are performing Hajj sacrifice their animals in Makkah while the Muslims in the rest of the world sacrifice animals at their homes. The meat of sacrificed animals is distributed to poor countries. By sacrificing animals, Muslims pay tribute to the great level of faith of Hazrat Ibrahim on Allah and his sacrifice of his only son for Allah.