Interesting Facts About iPhone Buyback Program


If you’re interested to sell or trade-in your iPhone for cash, you need to handle the matter carefully. That’s because new smartphones are highly expensive these days. It isn’t strange to pay $1000 to buy a new smartphone online. Also, the latest smartphones aren’t less costly, they’re designed with faster processors, advanced cameras, other happening features. All these will make your current phone look old in comparison to the latest smartphones.

Therefore, to update your old device with the latest smartphones, you should opt for iPhone buyback program. If you’re habituated exchanging your old phones with newer versions, you need to sign up for buyback programs. In order to seek as much help paying for those brand new smartphones.

How Does it Work?

An iPhone buyback program is a medium to sell or trade-in your old iPhone for instant cash. And the refurbished phone industry is gradually flourishing, many companies signed-up to buyback programs – buying your old phones at the market-standard rates and selling or refurbishing the parts to earn money. The sellers can even get quick and instant cash for old phones as the buyback market has high-competition. It contends with the price of fake buyers on various social media marketplace.

There are multiple channels subscribed to buyback programs and sellers need to check for the maximum price. Also, some buyback programs offer bulk sales. Therefore, to upgrade your and your family members’ old phones, you can simply opt for bulk buyback sales rather than dealing individually.

Procedure Before Old iPhone Resale or Trade-in

The following are some important steps sellers need to adopt to get their old device ready for sale-

  1. Store Your Data

It is important to save all your data out of your old iPhone. The most convenient means to sync all your data to your brand new smartphone includes iCloud, backup or iTunes. The backup option is quite self-contained for iPhones. Therefore, make sure to sync your photos to iCloud Photos, Google Photos or other storage options.

  1. Uninstall Your Apple Watch

If you’ve paired your current iPhone with your Apple Watch, you need to uninstall both the devices. The following procedure you need to follow on your iPhone-

  • open the application on your device ‘Apple Watch
  • select the tab ‘My Watch
  • entrance option will appear at the top of the screen, then you need to click it;
  • click on the button (i) next to the watch that you want to uninstall
  • click on ‘Unpair Apple Watch

The procedure to unpair is finally completed before the old phone is ready for sale.

  1. Logout from Your Apple Account

Also, you need to logout from your iTunes and iCloud. This is an essential step – if you delete all your data without logout, it will enable locker and the buyers won’t be allowed to set-up data. The following are the procedure to sign-out of your old iPhone-

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap Your ‘Name’ 
  • Scroll Down to Click on Sign Out 
  • Enter Your Apple ID and Password 
  • Click Turn Off 
  • Tap Sign Out
  1. Reset Your iPhone

After you’ve backed up all your data and are ready to fully erase them from your device, go to the Settings > Click General > Reset. The tiny option appears will ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. If you’re ready to sell or trade-in your old phone, you are requested to follow the procedure. Once you’ve tap Reset, your device will be securely erased and restored to factory settings.

So, let us hope that you’ve understood how quick and simple you can sell your old iPhone for newer versions with the best buyback programs. Also, the procedure to be taken before reselling your old device to any potential buyer.