New Sony, LG and Samsung TVs coming to stores in 2020

The good news for the arrival of CES is that the manufacturers have announced a series of new TVs that will be released throughout the year. So, we will review the main models we saw at the fair, focusing mainly on the three leading brands on the market.

Sony TVs for 2020

The Japanese manufacturer has brought fewer image innovations and completes its presentation with several models in 8K and 4K resolution. As you can see below, the 8K resolution seems to have finally ended, but we will see how the issue of content available to users evolves.

But let’s find something interesting, so let’s talk about hardware. These new models represent the integration of the ultimate processor X1, which is held responsible for developing the image by analyzing the scenes and calibrating the parameters across the zones. Pixel contrast enhancement technology is also included to enhance the performance of OLED panels and provide more natural and more productive shades.

We already know how Sony spends it on image calibration, so it doesn’t do much with these new models. The inclusion of IMAX calibrated and enhanced Netflix modes (only on specific models), which are responsible for providing studio image quality according to the creator’s requirements, is excellent. Vanini yourself to configure the furniture

Flagship ZH8 8K Full-Array LED, available in 75 and 85 inches with a resolution of 8K and supported 4K resolutions at 120kps.

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The most advanced OLED model is the OLED 4K A8 in 55- and 65-inch versions. It has two subwoofers, X-Motion Clarity technology for OLED.

The A9 OLED 4K is a tiny model of 48-inch for those looking for smaller OLEDs. It has the techniques of its older brothers, so it’s a very interesting option for those looking for a smaller format.

The XH95 4K Full Array LEDs are the LED option for 2020 and are available in 49, 55, 65, 75- and 85-inch versions.

There is also a lower XH90 version with the X1 HDR processor and only the 55, 65, 74- and 85-inch versions.

We haven’t seen the XH85, which are 4K models at 43 and 49 inches with the X1 HDR processor. XH81 4K at 43, 49, 55 and also 65 inches; XH80 4K like 43, 49, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches And the X70 4K in 43, 49, 55- and 65-inch versions, the latter with the X-Reality PRO 4K processor

Still, there is no news on pricing or launch date yet, so we have to wait for the manufacturer to decide to announce it.

LG TVs for 2020

From LG, we already know that this is the standard support for LG’s OLED technology, so at CES, he wanted to extend his reputation this year and decided to bet on the 8K resolution. This is the approach of OLED that the brand does not offer a lower model for the 13 models with this technology. Among them, three are exclusive, the GX Gallery line of works of art, 8K models at 77 and 88 inches, and a new 43-inch OLED panel.

Nano cell’s OLED and 8K models feature a new third-generation Alpha 9 processor that improves the screen image using artificial intelligence, allowing images to be perfectly aligned when we watch content such as movies, games, and sports.

The new GX gallery with 4K resolution is available in 55, 65, and 77 inches. They offer the most amazing aesthetics thanks to their extreme finesse (20 mm in the case of the 65-inch version), and they have a wall anchoring system that makes them look like paint. The new R 65RX OLED with WX wallpaper (ultra-thin 65 and 77 inches) and roll-up panel technology

If we move to 8K, LG brought Las Vegas two versions of the 88 and 77 inches, the OLED ZXX Real 8K, which is nothing more than a 2020 rendering of the OLED format of the resolution.

Continuing with more OLEDs, we have an upgrade from the CX and BX series, with the 4K UHD versions available in 77 (only CX), 65, and 55 inches, although the arrival of the 48-inch OLED model is good news for many, and just for a short stay.

The Nano cell range will also receive new additions in 2020, and the 8K resolution with the Nano 99 and Nano 97 will be available in 75- and 65-inch versions, respectively.

If that’s not enough, 12 of the submitted OLED models are NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, so they are sure to provide an excellent gaming experience when used with a PC.

Samsung TVs for 2020

The other protagonist of the television world is Samsung. The Korean automaker has decided to focus on the design of 2020, which provides television with a significant share of the market. It also showcases new Micro LED solutions and lifestyle models with the global launch.

For one thing, the 8K weighs a lot in the Samsung line-up, so all of the new QLED 8Ks come with it. There is an 8K quantum processor with AI to provide intelligent scaling based on learning artificial intelligence. As with Sony models, adaptive image technology optimizes the screen based on ambient conditions

The QLED series is the new Q950 TS QLED 8K TV, the first Samsung TV to offer 8K resolution and an invisible bezel that provides a 99% screen-to-body ratio. This helps to get a very attractive viewing experience as the screen seems to float in front of us.

Xero is vertical television, which we saw a few months ago in Korea, but which now plans to distribute it around the world. This is a social screen because the panel has a 90-degree rotation system to display vertical content such as social networks.

Another technology that Samsung has been betting on for many months is Micro lead. These modular screens help us to create displays of 75, 88, 93, 110 inches to remove visible frames and to create original combinations.