Planning A Memorable and Short Holiday? Visit Taj Mahal

Trips or holidays help us plug off from all the entire stress in our mind and let us connect with our own self and regenerate freshness within us.  So, are you getting bothered to plan a short yet exciting trip with your family or friends? You can have same day Taj Mahal tour by car in your list. Agra is the cynosure to most of the tourists not within the country but also across the globe. Many foreigners come to visit this place because of its beauty and history glorifying for over 100 years now. You can come and visit the place with royal history in a very luxurious style and explore the Mahal with all the story behind it. It will not only enrich your knowledge but also will give you moments to click pictures and appreciate the wonder of the world.

What a one Taj Mahal tour has to promise?

Taj Mahal is in Agra which is a city in Uttar Pradesh state. You will get a lot of private same day Taj Mahal tour by train and packages. What you will mostly get in most of the packages are – 

  1. Travel costs are covered under the packages. Pick up usually happens from Delhi, Delhi airport, Gurgaon or Jaipur. You can easily take the private packages which will help you travel comfortably either by car or train. 
  2. When you are headed to Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh, it is taken care that you visit Taj Mahal as well as Agra fort in one day covering all the stories, fun, selfies, pictures and obviously collecting memories. 
  3. After your visits to both the places, food is also taken care of by some of the private agencies. You will be stopped by a prominent AC restaurant in the city and served good food. 
  4. On the journey of private same day Taj Mahal tour by car, you are given a personal guide and a driver who will ensure a smooth journey and will tell you the tales of Emperor Akbar and Mughal Shah – Jahan. 
  5. Some of the private packages of same day Taj Mahal tour by train or car are clubbed with Chambal safari, Delhi sight seeing or Jaipur forts in between. So, if you have got a little extra time and money in your pockets, you can go through these packages as well.
  6. Mostly, these packages also include toll tax, parking charges, fort tickets etc. So, once you pay, you can enjoy for the rest of your journey. 
  7. What remains exclusive is any gratuities in the journey, snacks as per convenience, any additional stops and obviously shopping for self. 
  8. The total overhead costs are not expensive and differ based on the customizations made to the trip. 
  9. Some of the agencies providing good packages at reasonable rates are – IRCTC Tourism, Padma Holidays, India Taj tours, Agra day tour packages etc. you can either customize the packages or take the existing one. 

Why Taj Mahal and Agra Fort? 

Taj Mahal as created a lot of significance not only by its beautiful structure but also the history behind. If we dig deeper, it was said that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan asked the workers to build the beautiful Mahal in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during the Taj Mahal. He then asked all the workers to cut their hands so they could not ever replicate the same palace somewhere else. Taj Mahal is also considered as one of the seven wonders in the world. The marble used in building the Mahal is so beautiful. The view is itself encapsulating that it is worth a trip. Then comes Agra fort which is also worth a visit. Agra fort began constructing in the reign of Emperor Akbar in 1526 and was then owned by many other emperors in their dynasties. The fort also witnessed many structural and interior changes. It holds a significant history. It was recently renovated with red sand to maintain its existence. 

You can plan a same day Taj Mahal tour by car or train as per your convenience leave it at the tour and packages and just enjoy. The fits in the best trip for people wanting to explore a little more about the heritage of India and wanting to enjoy and regenerate their peace of mind. On the way, you can click numerous pictures, stop by the famous restaurants. Visit river Yamuna, Mehtab Bagh, have some famous Agra sweets and bond with your loved and dear ones. You can also customize your packages and even extend the trip by a day or so. It is time to take a plunge and mesmerize the beauty of Indian heritage.