The 5 Best Reads For The Lover of Romance


The dramatic novels packed with emotions have been the favorites of people of all ages. From Jane Eyre to P.S. I love you, these stories have been read performed and played on screen more than a million times to say the least. The ghostwriters for hire who are in the profession of taking ideas from the people and creating the stories have read all of these works of art.

There are just too many good romance novels that filtering out some of them is a tedious task. Authors like Nicholas Sparks or Nora Roberts have huge fan bases and classics by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte are found in every bookshelf of real romantics. “Twilight”, “The English Patient” and P.S. I love you are also high on the lists of the greatest love stories.

The best romantic reads that have been performed by artists repeatedly and are still loved by people since decades are:

1.   “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

With Elizabeth Bennet and her Mr. Darcy! “Pride and Prejudice” tells of Elizabeth and her four sisters, for whom the mother is currently looking for suitable husbands. Elizabeth does not want anyone – least of all is Mr. Darcy until Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both have to go through a turbulent time and their relationship is tested through the ordeals they go through.

2.   “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks

Allie and Noah are 17 and spend a summer in the country together. Allie has to go back home and disappear from Noah’s life for 14 years. Neither can forget each other. Before marrying a successful lawyer, Allie wants to see Noah again. A love story that lasts a lifetime. For fans of bittersweet romance novels, Nicholas Sparks is an absolute must.

3.   “PS I love you” by Cecelia Ahern

When Gerry dies, the whole world collapses for his wife Holly but then she finds letters from Gerry. Letters that he wrote that teach Holly how to learn to live and love again. This is what helps Holly find her way back to life. A book full of emotions and a great love story. “PS I love you” was the first novel by Irina Cecelia Ahern and became an international bestseller.

4.   “Love Story” by Erich Segal

Oliver and Jennifer come from completely different worlds: he comes from a rich family of entrepreneurs; she is the daughter of a baker. They fall in love at college and want to get married later. Oliver’s father then cuts off any financial support. A tragically good romance novel with all the pitfalls that life has to offer.

5.   “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre grew up as a poor orphan. Rich relatives send her to boarding school, where she suffers severe hardships. As a teacher, she finally leaves the boarding school and takes on a job as a governess. Not only the story of a great love, but also that of a woman who prevails. If you love great romance novels, you can fall in love here twice.