Tips on Marketing Your Electrical, Plumbing


The millennial generation is starting to move out of their parents’ home and is moving into their own place these days. The market is flooded with millennials and these guys are purchasing the most apartments, houses and properties in this age and time. Research tells us that 50% of the property buyers and leasers are under the age of 36. This means that the millennial generation is house hunting and moving to newer places more than any age group in the market. This also means that the new prospective customers for the Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC Businesses are also millennials. Marketing anything to millennials is a tough task. The approach used to market to the previous generations doesn’t completely work on them. You need to do a few things differently to grasp the attention and get some notice from Generation Y (millennials). Here are a few tips that could help you market your electrical, plumbing, & hvac business to this all-important generation.

First things first you should know what the millennials like so here is a general overview. You should know their character and how they are and what they like. Get into their heads and understand their mentality. Then you should transform your communication style and give a bit of wow factor to your company profile in way that reaches out to them and makes them want to hear you out. Once they hear you out, only then will they want to opt for your goods and services. You’d also want to increase your brand visibility. You can do that by getting your labor dressed in custom logo HVAC uniforms and branding your company tools and vehicles with your company logo. Wherever your tools and employees go, people will look at them and so will be looking at your company logo as well. What this does is that it is going to engrave the company logo very subtly in the heads of the public and will also give your brand a lot of exposure. Once the people start to recognize you, they’ll simply opt for your services instead of any other company’s goods and services. The key is to be as recognizable as possible. We also know another thing. Millennials simply love their phones! An average millennial checks his or her phone at least 43 times a day. So targeting them through their phones can be a very fruitful method. Send marketing SMSes that are enticing and worth a read. If they are good, millennials will surely check your services out. All these are great ways but there are three other ways deserve a little extra attention when targeting millennials so we’ll be paying extra attention to them as well. The thing about generation Y (millennials) is that whenever they need anything, they’ll always try to find it on the web. Which is why a strong robust website, a happening social media, and positive reviews play a pivotal role in attracting generation Y towards your business. These three ways are very crucial and can very easily elevate your business verticals. 

Make an amazing company Website

Millennials tend to shop online rather than going out to a regular shop. Websites have simply replaced storefronts because they are more convenient & offer a luxury to the consumers. The luxury to compare prices of different goods and services within seconds. Like everyone else you would love to have a large customer base .. Right? A customer base with frequent shopping activities? To achieve all this, you should make sure that your web page is user friendly. People should find it difficult to browse through it, it should be pleasing, it should contain the right content, it should load up quickly without and lapses or lags and etc. You should also get the SEO for your web pages done. Integrate SEO favored content on your site, post blogs that again help with the search engine optimization. Like this you’ll surely get more traffic on the related keyword searches. Research tells us that posting regular blogs (16 blogs a month) can help you get 4 times greater traffic than those websites that write less blogs. That’s the magic number.

Social Media is the way to go

Social media was simply made for millennials. We all know for a fact that nobody uses social media more than the millennials. It has become an integral part of their lives. This makes social media undoubtedly the most effective marketing medium for millennials. Build relationships through your social handles, post engaging and helpful content, make your customers feel important; communicate directly with them and etc. Make them feel valued and show them that you care for them and build trust and reputation.

Research tells us that 41% of people discontinue a specific company’s service because they weren’t engaging and lacked personalization. Use social media the right way and you’ll surely attract a large number of millennials who’ll opt for you rather than anyone else.

Reviews hold a lot of value

Research tells us that 93% of millennials read online reviews before making up their mind for anything. This generation is very careful when spending their money and carry out their research meticulously. Get good reviews on your web pages and social handles and you’ll surely attract millennials towards your business. Ask the ones who have taken your service to take out time and post a review for you. This will show people the quality and standard of your work. Good reviews can really help in building up your reputation quickly. Even if you get a bad review don’t worry. Talk to that customer. Try to correct the wrongs and provide good service. Show them that you care and value your customers. This will attract even more people to you and make them your regular customers.