Top 5 Popular Web Programming Languages You Should Learn

Today’s world checks out the professionals and the professionals to backup with significant skills to write programs. Without computers or online Technology now no industry functions completely. Home to the office gets completely influenced by technology and from purchasing pins to planes which depend on digital. Everywhere and anywhere we are surrounded by the systems and the technological backup. It is also extremely useful for the benefit of the organization to maximize the profit and aim for the better scaling up.

Organizations do not prefer any brick-and-mortar style rather they just look for any information through Google search and absolutely need the internet world. If that is the scenario then obviously programming plays basic support and also the developer community looks out for the faster way of developing individually and professionally. Numerous languages are coming up and everything is suitable according to the developers’ categories so that we can focus on a web application, game development, mobile development and other kinds of features.

Learn The Best Programming Languages In 2020

Find below you can find the unmatching best programming languages which are essential in the year 2020 and why these top programming languages have to be learned to get better prospects in our career enhancement.


Undoubtedly fight on the preferred language by the programmers and also widely known for the best approachable language. It’s very simple, fast and also adaptable in nature so whenever the program is deployed and this kind of language it’s very helpful for them to scale up with respect to the web applications. Many companies like you to come on Pinterest, Instagram have incorporated this Python programming language in their built-in system. It has various features of library support and also has created a big developer community. This is the kick start point for any kind of a beginner and whoever looks for the better career prospect should prefer python training course. Many startups involve Python as the basic and a back and start so that it creates a wonderful opportunity for the Python developers who are termed to be full-stack developers.


  • Flexible creation of OOP characteristics
  • Vast support of libraries
  • Code readability options
  • Flexible, adaptable and simple to learn


  • It’s not practically possible for mobile computing
  • Slower in the interpreted programming language
  • The immature database access layer


Top organizations started to use Java and it has been present for many decades. The reason for preferring Java is to build and create enterprise-scale web applications. It’s a very stable nature and companies adopted it for being very flexible. If you feel that you are entering into a development base kind of career then Java is a must language to be learned. Nowadays other than the web application development Android application development also has started using this platform. Many businesses today completely depend on the Android application development process since millions and billions of Android users are rising up every day.


  • Multiple open-source libraries
  • The stack allocation system is in order
  • A better platform for distributed computing
  • Complete support in multi threading options


  • Templates found to be absent so found difficult in creating better quality data structures
  • Memory management seems to be expensive
  • Compilation of programming languages seems to be slower


R is one of the preferred and best programming languages in 2020 by the corporate today for implementing machine learning aspects and also for effective data analysis. This is the best framework to enhance machine learning algorithms because of its built-in libraries. The general computing aspects in the statistical performance is adaptable by the enterprises because it has graphics representation. People who are interested to pursue analytics would prefer this kind of R programming language.


  • It has a seamless operation system in multiple aspect
  • It’s a booming concept
  • open-source platform and also has the ability to meet out according to the requirements
  • It’s extensible


  • It doesn’t have enough security options
  • Programming guidelines are not stringent
  • Memory management lacks


This is the most front-end programming language preferred by the developers and it seems to be very interactive. Top organizations and many business platforms have started to use JavaScript in the form of node JS which acts as server-side scripting and works from a server-side perspective to create web pages in a dynamic way. This is a single platform that has been found using the server-side and their client-side script.


  • Very fast-paced working mechanism and runs with the web browser
  • User interface
  • Multiple and versatile in nature
  • Frequent updates through ECMA
  • Implement in a simple way
  • Supports in creating a various range of applications


  • Single inheritance is only allowed
  • An equivalent method is found not present
  • Different interpretations by various browsers

Go Programming Language

This can also be called a Golang which is completely built by Google. This offers fantastic assistance for multi trading options and is the reason why many companies prefer to use programming language. It’s been widely used by the startups and adopted by many Indian companies as well.


  • Google supported
  • Easy to learn because of cleaner syntax
  • Understanding library offerings through inbuilt functions
  • Effective documentation


  • The virtual machine seems to be not present
  • No personality
  • Absence of GUI library
  • Library support is not extended


When we are on the verge of deciding which the best programming language is to learn in the upcoming year seems to be an important decision to be made. In this searching platform, we should not get caught unnecessarily into the trend and popularity basis. Here the lists of best programming languages are given with pros and cons which can also be changed in the future years. One thing is very sure that the whole world is going towards the journey of digital and every computer programming option will definitely undergo a change in the name of trending. You have to begin your journey only through coding aspects and you love to know that programming language is essential to learn to code. Irrespective of whatever profession you join in the field of Information Technology programming code is fundamental. Get to learn the best programming languages in 2020 for a better future.